For all IT support:
please submit a help request @ http://tuhelp.temple.edu and mention"Refer to CST IT".

  1. How to Connect a Computer to the Network
  2. How to add/modify Temple aliases
  3. How to access your files on the CST servers
  4. Download Temple Connect
  5. How to recover deleted or old versions of files
  6. How to choose a good password
  7. Securing your account with Google Authenticator
  8. Setting Up a Trusted Computer
  9. How to connect to your on-campus windows desktop from home
  10. How to connect to your on-campus mac desktop from home
  11. Retrieving TUids and uids
  12. Available Computational Resources
  13. Available VM Resources

  1. How to set up a decent shell interface
  2. Download Refresh Finder
  3. How to insert a signature into a document
  4. How to merge, edit, split, and sign PDF documents
  5. How to set up your own website
  6. How to restrict access to certain web pages
  7. Letterhead generator page
  8. How to write \(\LaTeX\) letters with Temple letterhead
  9. Temple University \(\LaTeX\) thesis style
  10. How to send text messages via e-mail
  11. Mac Mail stopped working after changing my Temple password

  1. CST Calendars
  2. Advising Scheduler
  3. Appointment Letter Generator
  4. Faculty Appointment History
  5. Card Swipe Access Request
  6. University Employee Listing
  7. University Orgchart Listing
  8. Faculty Searches Upload Sites
  9. Materials Research Facility Reservation
  10. Post-Bac Application Site
  11. Smart Room Calendar
  12. Scientific Software
  13. Teaching/Research Award Uploads
  14. Student Feedback Forms
  15. Tenure-Track Contract Renewal Uploads
  16. Promotion and Tenure Folders
  17. Sabbatical Folders
  18. SERC Card Swipe Access
  19. Updating Your Entry in SERC's Electronic Directory
  20. Workload Calculator
  21. TA-RA Requisitions