How to Connect to the Temple Network

Wireless (WiFi) Network Access

Wired (Ethernet) Network Access

  1. Only Temple purchased & managed machines are allowed on the wired network. (WARNING: CST IT will not allow machines purchased from CRC to be connected to the wired network! No exceptions!)
  2. No personal devices are allowed on the wired network.
  3. Never enter a static IP address into your device and connect to the port.

To connect a machine to the ethernet port in your office, the device's MAC / Ethernet address has to be registered.

Please submit a help request @ with the following details to get the machine registered:

  1. The building and room number where the machine is located
  2. The machine's host name
  3. Operating system type and version (e.g. Windows 10)
  4. Ethernet MAC address.
  5. If your machine contains a CST asset sticker (e.g. CST12345), then please provide the number printed on this sticker.
  6. If your room does NOT have an ethernet port available, then we must know about this since we will need to place an order to have one installed.
  7. Please explicitly write Refer to CST IT in your help request.

Typical wired network access request processing time is 1 to 2 business days, if your office already has an available ethernet port.

If we must install an ethernet port, this will increase to 10 to 15 business days. Please plan accordingly.