High Performance Computing (HPC)

Please visit the ITS website for more details and comparison of the resources:

Temple offers three high performance computing Linux environments to provide university researchers sufficient computing power to do their intensive data analysis.

Use of this environment is restricted to those users with significant computational and/or large data manipulation needs.
The HPC is designed to meet the needs of the following:


Compute is a collection of large high-performance, shared memory compute servers for interactive use. These multi-socket machines host up to 88 Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake) CPU cores and 1.5TB of RAM. They provide access to various licensed software packages (MATLAB, SAS, STATA) and many open-source packages (R, RStudio, Sage Math, Apache Spark). All servers share the same user home directories which provides a total capacity of 0.5PB. EDR InfiniBand (100GB/s) is used to interconnect all machines.

Please visit the HPC website for details and requesting access https://www.hpc.temple.edu/compute/


This was a math-phys computational server (noether.cst.temple.edu) that has been decomissioned since May 2020.